Watch “Sprinkle Island – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer” on YouTube

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Highly recommend this game,  just picked it up.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Review (PS3)

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-Great mix of comic characters.

-The story mode is fantastic.  I expected it to be a cheesy afterthought but it’s actually very well done.

-A lot of single player content.

-Online play works well.

-Stages are very interactive and lively.  Some of the stage transitions are just crazy.

-Some of the supers are way over the top, just like they should be.

-The credits at the end are very well done, you’ll see what I mean when you beat it.


-Some people might not like the wager system.

-Some of the characters are pretty cheap (Doomsday…).

Dragon’s Crown (Vita+PS3)

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So buying this game…  Comes out this summer.

God of War: Ascenion Collector’s Edition

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Yay it arrived…

Free on PS+ this week

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The Cave and Tekken 6 (PSP) free this week,woot

Injustice: Gods Among Us previews

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Definitely makes me want this game…  It’s totally over the top.

Game Dev Story Review (Android)

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This is easily one of the best Android game purchases I’ve ever made.  I love Kairosoft’s games.  Basically it’s a simulation game where you run a videogame developer house.


-Extremely fun to create your own titles and try to increase the quality of your game.
-The progression of the game releases consoles from history (with slightly modified names).  The video game history tie-ins are great.
-When your programmers are on a winning or losing streak, it’s hilarious.
-A lot of different areas to develop, title genres, programmer specialties, console choice, boosters, etc.
-Waiting for your videogame sales stats and reviews is fun.


-The game has a set number of years that you can play.  Once you pass that point you can still continue but there are no new consoles and the game doesn’t really change any more.
-The first time you play through you will probably make a lot of mistakes and crappy titles.