Ski Safari Review (Android)

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Still one of my favorite Android games.  Very fun and a lot of replay value.


-Simple gameplay that is easy to pick up and quickly play, perfect for mobile.
-A ton of replay value.  There’s multiple stages with a ton of goals to reach for each stage/character combination.
-Doing different kinds of tricks is fun and rewarding.
-You don’t have to buy any of the in-game purchases to play the game in it’s entirety.


-Some of the goals are just impossible…
-The gameplay doesn’t vary a great deal.


BIT.TRIP Runner 2 Review (PS3)

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Oldschool gameplay, great graphics, simple, fun and addictive. Very worth the purchase.


-Gameplay is addictive and fun.

-Visual style is great and the character designs and dances are fun.

-There’s a lot of content to play through and costumes to unlock, particularly if you want to beat everything.

-Online high scores will keep you playing forever if you are that competitive.


-If you want really high scores you have to beat levels without checkpoints and do a lot of really difficult things.  Expect to replay levels hundreds of times…

-Some of the levels could be really hard for some players.  This game gets pretty tough.

-Replaying levels many times to collect all the gold and hit the bullseye can be tiring.

Valkyria Chronicles Review (PS3)

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This is an old game, but it’s still one of my favorite PS3 games of all time.  There’s simply nothing else like it.


-The art style is simply amazing.  It’s an incredible game to look at.
-The gameplay is really unique, a great mix of strategy rpg and action shooter.
-The story, characters and cinematics are all well done.
-There’s a lot of content here to play through.
-You can mount some really amazing comebacks if you learn to use your units and their skills.  Using your characters and skills well feels very rewarding.


-You feel a bit overwhelmed learning how the game works at first.  Eventually you’ll become a pro.  If you give yourself the wrong types of -units you probably won’t be able to win and will have to start over.  Problem is you generally need to play the level once to know what -types of units you need.
-You’re going to wonder why your guys always miss their shots, then realize later you need to upgrade them to have them be worthwhile.
-A couple particular levels are ridiculously hard to beat…  I can see some people giving up.
-The book menu system isn’t that intuitive.

When Vikings Attack Review (PS3+Vita)

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A must have for coop play, supports cross buy between Vita and PS3.  This game is very silly and is a simple, but extremely fun concept.  Supports both online and local coop and vs modes.


-Cross buy and savedata between Vita and PS3.  Game plays excellent as a mobile game and on consoles.

-Very fun gameplay for coop.

-Great art style, interesting levels.

-There’s a decent desire to replay levels and several characters to unlock.


-There aren’t a great deal of levels.

-Some of the optional goals are really, really hard.

Dynasty Warriors Next Review (Vita)

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Had a lot of fun with this game and it has a lot of content.  If you like mindless, insane hack and slash this is your game and it’s just as good as the console versions.

The custom character creations are a lot of fun too.


  • Gameplay and graphics are just as good as the console versions.  There is no reduction in number of enemies or anything.
  • Very fast paced, insane combat.
  • Character creation and customization is great.
  • Game includes a ton of content and will keep you busy a long time.
  • The different multiplayer modes are a lot of fun.


  • The Vita feature specific bonus stages are kind of annoying and don’t work that great.
  • The way the multiplayer modes work isn’t always self explanatory and can be confusing at first.

Tomb Raider Review (PS3)

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This game is a must buy… Just started and the beginning was amazing. Game is even more immersive with the Sony  Pulse rumble headphones.


-Cinematics and graphics look amazing (of course, this is Square).

-Controls work intuitively.

-Combat and movement is very fluid

-Environments are very interactive.

-Voice over dialogue seems very well done, not cheesy.

-Multiplayer is fun and the multiplayer stages are absolutely great.


-This isn’t necessarily a con, but this game isn’t “silly” like the older Tomb Raider titles.  No more shooting down T-Rex with uzis.  I miss that a bit…

-The quick action button press sequences can be really finnicky. Expect to die a lot there.

-Sometimes the bad guys move really unnaturally, which messes up your shots.

-Multiplayer is nothing special and you have to level up a lot to even use Lara Croft.

“Classic Game Room – YAKUZA DEAD SOULS review for PS3”

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This is a really weird concept for a game, Yakuza + zombies. It’s quite fun though.